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"And the weather so breezy
Man, why can’t life always be this easy?”
Oleoresin Capsicum

Shit that happened today:

  1. I got Level 1 Oleoresin Capsicum contamination

  2. DJ Phatrick (1/3 of Native Guns) started following me!

  3. Yooooo! My momma is making Pork Adobo!
A little lucky rabbit’s foot Friday the 13th banger. The homie threw on PMA up under it for your boy!
Been down since birth..
Next stop Kuwait, I’ll see ya’ll folks around the bend.
I didn’t want to put a picture up before its completion but here it is the progress on my chest piece done by Marcus Kuhn during his brief time at Left Hand Black in San Diego
Navy Enlistment Classification Codes

FC-1121 CIWS MK-15 BLOCK 11-14 Technician

Just took my final passed with a 95, third in my class overall stoked to finally be done.

I’ve never been good enough with words to make them mean anything and this is long overdue but I know how I feel and when I hear this it makes me think of you. Rest easy Vitaliana I’ll always love you.

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UVT patch sewn on finally.
Marcus FUCKING Kuhn

I got an email from Marcus Kuhn the Gypsy Gentleman about designing and tattooing my chest piece when I come home, I’d like to thank James Tran aka Visual Amor for the opportunity he has afforded me it’s a huge honor.

Follow James on Tumblr and on Instagram @Visualamor dude is an amazing painter, tattooer, and all around artist thank you once again James.

Washed a good chunk of pomade out of my hair today… Kinda look like Morrissey..
Coming home.
My glasses came in a couple days ago, I haven’t stop wearing them since.
Finally cold enough to wear my Gloverall. (Taken with Instagram)
Blues inspection Friday. (Taken with Instagram)